Picasso and his passions exhibited in Taormina

“Por desgracia uso las cosas según me lo dicta mi pasión.”

                                                      Pablo Picasso

The art is nothing, if it is not life. If it does not set in motion the passions and shakes his curiosity of the radical change that must always occur within the alchemical process of an expressive right balance between innovation and tradition. The passions of Pablo Picasso remains, then, a fascinating subject for a course that will address the views of the great Spanish artist, entering deep into the merits of his universe full of ideas and suggestions. A path in position to express, in its most authentic content, themes and passions that gave birth to the creativity of Picasso and have influenced human life and the artistic. On display unique works, including oils Tête de femme, 1943, Mousquetaire, 1964, and Self-Portrait, 1967, where the artist reveals all the identity and otherness of his double. In the numerous self-portraits made during his long career Pablo Picasso After he always revealed the true passion of his life: that for himself. But in this extraordinary self-portrait of 1967, the artist reveals all the identity and otherness of his double. Here Picasso is the man, the artist, the alchemist, but is also the Minotaur, the bull, the demon is the shadow that emerges from the unconscious to betray the identity hidden. In his constant deconstruction of the ego, Picasso retracts front of the mirror of the soul obsession dramatic reveal his identity secret first of all to himself. A full path in the work of the great artist to discover the passions that have accompanied him throughout his life and in the evolution of his artistic language. The works on display here tell all the themes dear to the great Spanish master as his interpretation of reality with II and II circus theater, loved since the beginnings of his life in Paris with his friend Gershwln. Can not miss the section dedicated to the relationship with women and politics. In the exhibition, the full set BARCELONA SUITE, along with the maximum expression of one of his greatest passions: the TAUROMAQUIA. Literature and theater are intertwined in THE MAGNIFICENT COCU, with the interests of Picasso for issues such as eros and betrayal, together with the great knowledge of mythological figures and mastery of techniques such as etching and aquatint. Do not miss the important section on CERAMICS, proven technology from an early age and not only never abandoned, but more and more in-depth until you have a total mastery, who accompanied him throughout life, supporting this artistic expression in other techniques he masterfully interpreted. All these passions have been, undoubtedly, throughout his career, the topics of research supporting its complex stylistic. He, only artist of ‘900 that has been able to deal with all the techniques attributed to the art world at the highest level as you will see in this exhibition, has won the title of genius because he never stopped at nothing, putting into play and experimenting until old age.   PABLO PICASSO AND HIS PASSIONS 5 july / 6 september 2015 TAORMINA Palazzo Corvaja Piazza Vittorio Emanuele II, Taormina (Me) INFO: mail: picassoelesuepassioni@comediarting.com web: www.picassoelesuepassioni.it