TAOBUK – Taormina International Book Festival

Taobuk 2018 From 23 to 27 June 2018, Taormina International Book Festival Taobuk will be held. Dedicated to the great international literature. The Festival was founded and directed by Antonella Ferrara and Franco Di Mare.  
No epochal event can ignore what in the eighteenth century Voltaire called “the great revolution”: as a matter of fact, the need to communicate and to ferry projects and visions is the driving force for the circulation of ideas which bear political, social and economic beliefs. “Revolutions”, the theme of the eighth edition of Taobuk, is an invitation to explore this longing that was born with Man. It means asking a question about the projection of change in oneself and in others, and about the peaceful or violent ways of change itself. It means fathoming the impulse to transformation that becomes a dream, a design, a movement of people; it means grasping the reverse of an Utopia capable of becoming practice.
With the aim of drawing attention to the natural tendency towards innovation, renewal, the palingenesis that traces the history of humanity and the path of civilization, marked by scientific-technological, economic-political, ideological-religious revolutions, which have shaped social structures, often at the cost of the sacrifice of many lives, heroes and victims. 2018 is an extraordinary and significant time to talk about revolutions: it is the year of the death anniversaries of Bob Kennedy, Mahatma Gandhi and Martin Luther King and the centenary from the birth of Nelson Mandela: the vision of these men vision has inspired a radical project of social and political renewal whose teaching is still alive. 2018 is also the fiftieth anniversary from the uprisings of the Sixty-eight, the watershed of an era and whose controversial budgets are still controversial today. Because for every radical change that subverts a system there are a multitude of counter and failed revolutions, to say it with the bitter words of Leo Longanesi: “Tutte le rivoluzioni cominciano per strada e finiscono a tavola” (“All revolutions begin in the street and end at the table”). From 23 th to 27th June, in a very articulated sequence of meetings, Taobuk Festival will thus investigate the change that revolutions generate within each of us: the small and individual ones in our daily lives as the epochal and collective ones that remain in the history books. These are revolutions that spring from a relentless need to go beyond, to write again one’s own destiny. Because changing is possible. Or, better, necessary.