The first Tango Festival in Taormina will be held 16 to 19 June 2016, in the name of being sicilian. It will host internationally renowned masters: CLAUDIO FORTE and BARBARA CARPINO, from Syracuse, and the Argentine masters GUSTAVO GUARNIERI and GABRIELA PEREA, CARINA MORRUDO and MAXIMILIANO AVILA, argentine choreograpers of tango & folklore, with a special appearance by JOHANA COPES and ALEJANDRO BERON, from Buenos Aires, accompanied by the best music selections of the most beloved Sicilian musicalizadores: Don Giovanni Scavuzzo from Enna, Don Giovanni Nifosì da Messina, Don Salvo D’Urso from Catania, Don Sergio Piscitello from Palermo and Donna Analìa La Rubia from Buenos Aires.

A treat for the tango lovers, but not only, will be the duo’s performance „TANGO SONOS“, international renowned professional musicians.

The program includes four days of excitement to the whole tango:

  • Thursday, June 16 11:00 a.m. Palazzo Duchi di Santo Stefano – Fondazione Mazzullo Press Conference and Presentation of The Festival Program 17:00 p.m. Chacarera stage with Carina Morrudo, free entrance 18:30 p.m. Biblioteca-Archivio Comunale: „Fervore di Buenos Aires – Omaggio a J.L. Borges“ Fulvia Toscano presents readings and conversations on the relationship between the Argentine writer and the tango, with listening to voice of the poet and screening interview. 20:00/00:00 free entrance Piazza IX Aprile Milonga de Bienvenida Ronda of Masters…
  • Friday, June 17
  • Ore 18:30 Biblioteca-Archivio Comunale: “Leggere il tango”. Fulvia Toscano presents the book „The Tango Lesson“ by Anna Mallamo and digressions on the relationship between tango and literature, with readings. 20:30/2:00 Hotel Caparena (Taormina Mare) Milonga Degli Abbracci with the performance of masters Gustavo Guarnieri and Gabriela Perea After Party 02:00/04:00
  • Saturday, June 18
  • 20:30/2:00 Villa Diodoro Hotel Milonga De La Pasión with the performance of masters Claudio Forte and Barbara Carpino After Party 02:00/04:00
  • Sunday, June 19
  • 17:00/00:00 Villa Diodoro Hotel Milonga de Despedida with the performance of masters Johana Copes and Alejandro Beron „TANGO SONOS“ live

    On Friday and Saturday are planned seminar for tango intermediate and advanced with all masters: Claudio Forte and Barbara Carpino (Tango/Milonga) Gustavo Guarnieri and Gabriella Perea (Tango/Vals) Johana Copes and Alejandro Beron (Tango/Tecnique)

    The program includes film screenings and literary readings that tell the tango and its origins, leisure and cultural events promoting the traditions and heritage of the tango as‘ humanity.


    INFO AND RESERVATIONS (only by email) info@taorminatangofestival.it +39 339 8046797 SALVATORE TUDISCO Art Director +39 338 5686398 FRIDA MANAGEMENT (Francesca Giuffrida) General Manager +39 347 8800158 FRANCESCO FURNARI (English) +39 347 5049594 CARINA MORRUDO (Spanish) +39 347 5049594 GIORGIO LOREFICE (English)